ProDnD Generation Algortihms

ProDnD Generation Algortihms

In this blog post I decided to show you the result of using map generation algorithms within ProDnD. The first gif you see here is of the Black Chasm Generator, a generator that expands on the pre-existing Cavern Generator. Next to that we see the Castle Generator which now creates more organic shapes and towers and walls now have a bit more detail and realism on them, the towers are placed at a more logical positions and walls are now populated with a walkway if possible. In the bottom row we see 2 more generators, on the left we see the basic and free Dungeon Generator doing its job and next to that is the Keep generator. Now we’ll go more in-depth on the generators that I’ve helped to develop.

blackchasmlong     castlelong

Dungeon Generation       keeplong
These gifs are achieved from ProDnD google play version 2.3.3.

The Black Chasm Generator is inspired by the middle-earth themed moria mines. For Black Chasm the generation process starts by creating a cave with several noise filter methods. When the cave generation is done the generator continues by develops a blob of perlin noise and slams it on top of the map, this acts as our chasm. After the map has been punctured the edges are eroded and a ledge is created. Now that the organic part of the map is done we continue by filling the rocky part of the map with rooms and after that we connect them with path. Finally, for a bridge we create a walkable area that spans across the black chasm and provide it with support and towers.

Generation of the castle is done very similar to the chasm in the Black Chasm Generator. What the generator does is adding blobs of perlin noise to the map until a certain percentage is filled up and then starts expanding inwards creating a wall. Some goes for the moat around the castle, this is done by growing the walls outwards.

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