Unreal Engine 4 Voxel terrain plugin

Smooth voxel terrain sculpting in Unreal Engine 4. This tool is part of the toolset that I’m creating for an UE4 voxel terrain editor plugin. To render the voxel data I use the marching cubes algorithm.

In this video I preview the smooth sculpting tool that is part of the plugin:

This project is my own and I’m planning on releasing it on the UE4 Marketplace. The shader that I made for the terrain uses a combination of tri-planar mapping and normal mapping. If you want to know more about this plugin, you should check out my blog posts about it here.

A showcase demo of the tool can be found here,


  1. TheDarkNight

    Hi Rune de Groot, thanks for your quick reply. I have some questions for this plugin, I will be very happy to answer those.

    Did you use the editor landscape features in this plugin or create new voxel engine?

    If you used the editor landscape features, how to use those features in runtime, did you change Unreal Engine Source code?

    Thanks for your attention and good luck for graduation process.

  2. TheDarkNight

    Hi Rune de Groot, this is very exciting project for me.
    Do you think to share or sale this plugin? I’m working on runtime terrain editing project and I need the plugin like this.

    1. Rune de Groot

      Hi TheDarkNight,

      The plugin will not release soon as I am busy with my graduation at the moment. After that I will surely continue development on the plugin.
      Thanks for your interest!


  3. Luka

    hi there, this work is awesome, i am designing a game that would really benefit from terrain editing in-game but i dont have the skills to code something like this by myself.
    I was wondering if you would be willing to discuss your possible involvement. Thank you in advance, great work once more!!

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