What is ProDnD?

ProdnD is the app that I’ve been working on during the period of my internship. It is an app for mobile platforms that lets you generate endless procedurally generated maps for use in tabletop rpg games. The app is mainly for DMs (Dungeon Masters) to use as a tool that helps guide the game session. The app generates maps and inspirational names for your maps and provides some useful tools such as events or the feature to print and share the generated content.

ProDnD allows you to generate different kinds of maps which are all procedurally generated with a specific and unique ruleset. The app allows you to for instance create unique castles, keeps, dungeons or caverns.

The companies plan is to add features to the app such as a tool for editing, which I already designed some code diagrams for, and some sort of play mode. The idea of the editing tool is that you can alter existing or newly generated maps to make them perfect for your use in the form of brushes or even post processor effects like for instance adding moss or eroding a map.

ProD&D on iPad Mini 2

One of the co-founders using ProDnD


Pro-D is the product that ProDnD derives from and is also a product owned by Gray Lake Studios. The package provides you withan engine for procedural 2D and 3D map generation. It’s a stand-alone package and is currentlyavailable for download on the Unity Asset Store. It also has various other features that can beused for developing rogue like RPG games such as fog of war and enemy AI’s complete withpathfinding algorithms. It allows the use of themes that can exist of 2D sprites or 3D models.


Pro-D Unity Package


Following are a few things I contributed to the project. Next to this I also helped develop the share functionality of ProDnD that allows you to share your created maps on Reddit and a variety of other, smaller features.


One of the first things I did during my internship is integrating a pathfinding algorithm to ProDnD that is fast enough that it can be used during map generation. For this I researched a relatively new pathfinding algorithm which you can read about here.

Castle JPS

JPS used in the castle generator

Map generation

Another thing I’ve been doing during my internship is adding new generators and new generation algorithms to ProDnD. Next to that I also worked on a complete overhaul on how generation is done withing the app. The app does not freeze anymore while generating and even draws the map while you’re generating which gives you the ability to show the generation in steps while it’s happening!  If you want to read more on ProDnDs generators and the generators that I have helped to develop, please visit this blog post.


Black Chasm generator

App tutorials

One of the import things that was missing before my internship was proper guidance on how to use the app. Although the app does a good job at explaining itself, me and Bram Bakker (the art intern at that time) made a set of tutorials on how to use ProDnD. we wrote the scripts together, he did the voice-over and I managed the recordings and editing.



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