Post Utopic Unicorn Joust


This game was created as a submission to the global gamejam 2015 that I participated at Saxion in Enschede. The team for this year was consisting of 4 people containing 1 artist and 3 programmers. The theme for this year was “What do we do now?”. We picked this theme up and created Post Utopic Unicorn Joust. The question leading to this game idea was: “The world is perfect, what do we do now?”. That’s why we chose for a very colorfull rainbow unicornish look. We also went for a doom style look to keep things easy and it turned out pretty well in my opinion.

The goal of the game is to kill as many fluffy bunnies other cute animals as possible leading to a higher combo in the time given.

The game is made with Unity3D and for this game my main focus was the game design, level loading and player and AI behaviour.

The map wasmade by the artist in Tiled resulting into an xml file which was then parsed by the game.

It can be found here

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