This voxel based game was made using Unity3D in 3 weeks. I created a voxel engine within Unity3D with dynamic meshes, lighting and chunks.

The main thing I focused on this project was rendering and creating the entire world and allowing to modify the world and making it dynamic.
All of the caves, hills, vegetation etc. are spawned using seeded random and perlin noise maps. Tweaking these settings resulted in a fairly “realistic” terrain and cave systems.
While the game is loading, the world is created using multithreading making creation of the world relatively fast.

I was also responsible for spawning the AI at the right positions, this was done in a sphere around the player searching for valid spawn positions. Then the behaviour created by one of my fellow teammates was spawned at this location.

Player functionality was also done by me like the placing and destroying of objects and attacking enemies.

You can download it here.

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