Batventure is a project that has been done in the last quartile of the second year of my education. The game is made for Techniek Museum HEIM in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

For this project we had to make a game for their game consoles that learns children about radio waves. We chose to make a game about a bat which has to use sonar to make its way out of a cave alive and whilst dooing solve puzzles. This idea later evolved into what is now known as “Batventure”.

At the end of the project we won the “Public Choice award” at Game Event Twente.  After release of the game, which is now playable in the HEIM museum, we also signed game up for the Dutch Game Awards for best student game.



During this project I’ve been the main programmer and programmed most core functionality in the app. I’ve been responsible for the players movement and sonar mechanic.


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