Open source voxel terrain editor for Unreal Engine 4

The voxel terrain editor plugin I have been working on for my graduation is now open source! You can retrieve the plugin from GitHub here. The working of this plugin and an executable demo can be found in earlier blog posts. Contributing to the project is greatly appreciated.

The current version implements the following features:

  • Basic toolset (sculpt, smooth, paint)
  • Blueprint accessible functions
  • Endless terrain functionality
  • Multi-threaded chunk updates
  • Tesselation support
  • Vegetation

Possible end result of using the tool


Please keep me updated on projects onvolving this plugin in the comment section or via


  1. Neo

    To fix the Build issues change this line in both .build.cs for the plugin to

    public YourGame(ReadOnlyTargetRules Target) : base(Target)

    Instead of

    public YourGame(TargetInfo Target)

  2. christoph

    Hey Rune,

    I checked back on your blog and was happy to find this! Nice work!

    Unfortunately I can’t manage to run the plugin on UE4.18.3 or 4.19.0. It says the module VoxelTerrain could not be found.

    Do you have any advice on how to solve that? I’m really curious about your plugin!


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