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Hello people of the internet! I decided to write a blog about my internship at Gray Lake Studios. I’m currently in my third year of my education which comes with a 6 month internship that I decided to do at this studio. Gray Lake is a small indie company located at the Smart Business Park in Utrecht where companies big and small have the opportunity to rent an office. It’s an interesting place because all the companies around the park are active in different branches.

The product I will be working on during my internship is called ProDnD, it’s an app that procedurally generates endless maps to use for tabletop RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. The app is currently available for Android and iOS. Next to generating various maps like castles, dungeons or caves, the app also includes some utility features for a DM to use while preparing a game session. ProDnD allows the user to change a lot of parameters for map generation but also includes features like the adding of events (encounters, treasures etc.), adding descriptions, generating random names, applying visual themes and printing the map!

ProD&D on iPad Mini 2

ProD&D on iPad Mini 2

During my internship I will be busy with generating content, adding features and increasing the overall quality of the app. I’ve already been working on some interesting stuff that I will showcase in future blogs, currently I’m working on a new generator that combines natural caves with man made structures that surround a large chasm that spans through the map. For this generator I added a door placing algorithm for rooms, a custom pathfinding algorithm for more logically connected rooms and a bridge placing algorithm that creates a bridges with towers.

New generator I've been working on

New generator I’ve been working on

This was my blog for now, next time I’ll go more in depth into various subjects and assignments that I’m working on here at GLS and how I address them. My plan is to write blogs consistently so I can keep you guys updated on what I’ve been working on during my internship.

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