Hi my name is Rune de Groot, a software engineer that graduated game engineering at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, The Netherlands.

I started this study after I finished my HAVO pre-education at my local high school in 2013. In high school I took the computer science course where I discovered that programming was what I wanted to do. The reasons why I wanted to do games specifically is because games, to me, are a form of art in which you can do basically anything. During the time of my study I've worked on numerous projects for school and for myself, most of which you can find in my portfolio. Next to that I maintain a blog where I write about things that interest me or can help others. At the moment I work as a software developer at a company called AlienTrick in Hengelo (ov) where I started working after doing my graduation assignment with them. The assignment was to create  a Virtual Reality experience to promote the company which was done in combination with 2 other students from  both game engineering and game production. During the graduation time at the company I got in contact with ASP.NET MVC and Web API, which was really interesting to me as another way of programming, and they offered me a job in software development. Next to custom solutions we also work with the Umbraco CMS for content sites and NopCommerce for eCommerce solutions. While my focus is at backend development, I also worked with Unreal Engine to create intriguing VR experiences for our customers.

Developing frameworks and tooling is something I really like doing, with my focus mainly at programming. Calling programming my passion would not be a hyperbole. Next to my love for programming I, of course, also try to enjoy some good games occasionally. My favorite games are the Fallout series, Cities: Skylines and FEZ. I also enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering now and then with friends. Besides my interest in games, I'm also a scout and voluntary leader at the local scouts club and like to take pictures in nature with my DSLR.

My goal is to always keep learning new things by creating challenges for myself. I'm particularly interested in Physics and Machine Learning. In development I see myself as a person who could be assigned to a wide number of tasks because of my both high and low level programming experience in multiple environments, game engines and languages. Most development I've done is in C# and C++ but I also have some experience with typescript in combination with Angular and three.js. Working in groups is something I fancy a lot and is something that keeps me motivated and creative. While working in a group, it is also my calling to help others were I can.